I like learning on other peoples vehicles, lol


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Neighbor down the street got stuck in a trench. A nice farmer pulled my neighbor out with a tractor via the front bumper. Neighbor didn't want to spend $360 dollars for a new bumper, so I did the project for free. He got his bumper fixed, and I gained more experience.

I couldn't get a hammer and dolly on it, no working room so, I sectioned (cut out) the bumper in two places ( top and bottom) to straighten out the metal.

Bottom of damaged bumper.

Top of damaged bumper

Bottom of bumper

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Thank you, Chris. I took on this project to try out a new welder. Bought a combination welder..... gas mig, flux core mig, tig, stick, and aluminum spool gun.

Huge difference mig welding with shielding gas. Also nice to use 0.023 wire for body panels. The bumper was almost 1/16" thick so I used 0.030 wire. It was so much easier to dress the welds. They where completely hidden after grinding down.
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