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How much Med reducer to flatten black epoxy?

Before I get flamed (LOL), I'm kinda up against the gun here time wise. Just want to shoot my hood scoop and rear steelies with my SPI epoxy. I reduced 10% (with SPI med reducer) but still too glossy. Can I reduced 25 or 30% for a noticeable difference?

Yes, flat black is in my future...just not this week.

Thanks ahead of time!




Polyester Prince
You can mix it 1:1:1.. that will flatten it out. SPI epoxy has alot of resin and has a great gloss to it. Spray it like a sealer 1:1:1 and this should do you right. If it's too flat add a wet second coat.
Food for thought. There are several different ways to flatten epoxy. Speed of reducer, using acetone instead, how wet you spray it, mix ratios etc.. Best to write this stuff down as you find what works consistently for you..
Why do I say write it down.. because if you dont do this daily/weekly/monthly etc over time its darn near impossible to remember every scenario unless this is what you do..
I've taken several years break for personal reasons and its embarrassing what I've forgotten after a lifetime of painting... Not basics just all those little scenarios and mix ratios for this and that..
Happy Spraying..



Trying to be the best me, I can be
Ask Barry to be sure but you can use the flattening agent in Epoxy if I'm not mistaken..(I might be though:)) Best solution would be to use the epoxy for your base (not basecoat) and use some of the SPI semi gloss black urethane. It looks outstanding and will hold up.
i use the flattener in the black epoxy all the time. its really the only consistent way to flatten it. reducer will give you less of a gloss but this is because each coat has less build. 2 coats with no reduction for instance may come out the same gloss level as 3 coats reduced. it also comes down to how you spray it. what i am getting at is there are too many variables to get a sheen correct when just a touch of flattener will do the job and it also makes the epoxy spray much nicer. the epoxy doesnt need a ton of it like urethanes. urethanes can be from 50-100% where the epoxy just needs maybe 5% give or take.