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How long to put a cap on a newly painted truck bed?

So as some of you may know I have been refurbishing a new bed for my 2004 ram. Doing my filler work now.

My question is that I am also painting my truck cap at the same time. Using euro 2020, what is the minimum amount of time I should wait until I put the cap back on the truck? I dont want to ruin the paint and clear on the bed rails. I likely wont ever be taking the cap off again, but would prefer to play it safe.
I wouldn't be in a hurry. It does take a while for the clear to fully harden and the number of coats affects that time frame.
Had my car fixed recently due to someone rear ending us at a roundabout. They recommended 90 days before even going through a car wash.
When time permits I like to wait till I can't dent the clear with my fingernail anymore.
On some clears that's a long time, others, it's just a few days.
Yea, I am going to wait as long as physically possible for sure. Im going to have to wait a week or so before replacing all of the caps windows and seals anyway. Pulling them out for paint.

Thanks guys!
In a production environment we can't usually even wait a full day, just have to go around it with the IR lamp and get it really hot to drive the tail solvents away. My reasoning is that even under the best circumstance, a camper shell is going to mar the bed rail anyway, so as long as the paint is 95%+ cured, it's not like it's going to push through it or tear it off if the foam gets replaced.. It IS going to leave a mark, be it two days or a week.
This is true. If it’s on there for years it’s going to eventually rub through regardless. I’ll wait as long as I can and try and keep the truck in the direct sun for as long as possible before putting it back on. Thanks guys