Hey, so using hok kbc. Plan is to Spi epoxy, bodywork, Spi regular build, Spi epoxy again. Then seal with hok kd3000 series and base. They claim you need to build 2 mils of kd series to prevent bleeding and that just sealing with kd is not a cure. Will the Spi epoxy soak in any of the kbc candy?


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If you are going to use SPI epoxy then there is no need for the HOK KD3000. Once SPI epoxy cures it is impervious to anything that will go over top of it. KBC is just a solvent based base coat. Nothing unique about it.
What they are referring to is when someone seals over exposed polyester filler/glaze, using urethane sealer, the filler/glaze spot will "soak" in the sealer resulting in a "ring" or "halo" area where the exposed glaze/filler was. Which then shows through when applying the base and clear. Or if you sprayed base directly over those areas. As long as you have no exposed areas like that you can use whatever sealer you want, urethane or epoxy and you will be fine.
Best course of action is like your plan above, get it straight, then spray two final coats of SPI epoxy. Wet sand with 600, then SPI epoxy reduced as a sealer, and spray your base. You will have no issues with bleed through.

Read the HOK TDS for the base. They say all of this because of the popularity of the product with amateurs and how it will be misused because of said amateurs. It's a cover your ass sort of thing.


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yes no need for the sealer after the epoxy providing you are not blocking the epoxy down OR no need for the epoxy and just seal with the kd. the epoxy will be better though. chris is right, its just a solvent basecoat and nothing really special but there is one difference, the pigment for color is candy dye. if you dont have enough sealer over your polyester fillers then the spot where you have the filler will suck the dye right out of the basecoat leaving an almost colorless blotch. if you have filler on the panel then sealing before candy is a must. its not optional. the spi epoxy in this instance is your sealer. 24hr old epoxy is an extremely good solvent barrier. be sure you let it sit atleast overnight but not more than 48hrs before you put the kbc over it.


Thanks guys that all makes sense I forgot about those people that will 1k spray can bodywork and try to paint it. That’s why the tech sheet thru me off.