Heated garage booth guestion



Here is my setup: I have a furnace mounted in the attic of my garage, due to me painting I opted to not have the cold air return pulling from downstairs. There are 4 ducts in the ceiling, 2 by the overhead door and one on each side near the door/window. I have a 6 mil. plastic booth that I work out of and normally I'll preheat the garage the night before using it and shut the furnace off while spraying. I recently picked up a air mover that I plan on mounting in the window for my exhaust(never pulled air from the garage before while painting).

Now that you know what I have going on here is my question. How do I keep the booth warm while using the exhaust fan? Can I put filters on the ducts and simply run both at the same time? Sorry for the dumb question but after searching I really didn't find an answer.
Is your furnace going to pickup exhaust out of the booth? You should be able to filter the furnace air before it enters the booth but how far away is the booth outlet from the furnace inlet? Option: put a stack on your booth exit so it's higher than where the furnace draws air-fumes go up
The furnace picks up fresh air from the attic, the exhaust has a stack and shouldn't have any trouble.