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my facebook page has been hacked. getting all kinds of strange stuff from people i dont know . responses from threads i did not post on . just tired of the damn place so i wont be able to visit the spi page anymore. still trying to figure out how to deactivate it.
so if you get anything weird from me just delete it.


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That sucks Shine. Wish ya the best getting it all straight.

FB- i tried it & didnt wanna waste my life on it so i deleted my acct couple yrs ago.
2 months ago i started getting emails so & so replied, responded, whatever to their thing.
Mark Zuk mustve awoke it from dead. Cant even die in peace.
yup, best thing you can do is delete fb. i created an acct maybe 6-7 years ag. been on it maybe 5 times. dont even remember how to log on. only social media i do is instagram. i havent found anything negative going on with that since its just picture and video sharing. some really good talent on there too.
i found myself getting all kinds of reply's to post i never made . that and the strange phishing messages from fb that never showed on fb. think the best was to just deactivate it and move on .
i have so much work coming up this winter i will not have much time anyway. not sure how this retirement thing is suppose to work :)
I am not a FB person but my wife had her account hacked and we shut it down. They trick you into reopening it by sending you notices and things other people posted on their pages. As soon as you click just one of the notices you have reopened your account. Interesting how that can happen when you chose to have all of your personal information removed when closing your account, isn't it?
FB is a racket, it's called a digital foot print, once you put your information out there , it's out there for everyone and FB does little to nothing to stop this or protect the end user, , , always use bogus information in there for the personal information, , write down the bogus info you use so you can recover the account if needed, , sorry to hear about this Shine, ,please continue to post as many of us noobs find the info you and other senior members provide to be of great assistance
i never put up much info. fake birthday and never answered any questions. finally figured out how to deactivate it. good riddance .
What happened with my wife's account is that someone else hacked in and began posting things that she didn't see. Others began questioning the stuff on her site and that is how she was alerted to the problem. I went online and closed her account, making sure to select the "Delete all of my information" option to permanently close the account.
FB never deleted the information, in fact they continued to send stuff other people posted to her phone and she made the mistake of looking at one of the posts. A few minutes later she gets the "welcome back to FB" notice, so we check and the account is reopened with all the "deleted" information still in place.
This happened twice before she realized what was happening. So I went in for the third time and requested removing all her information and closed the account. She now just deletes any FB posts sent to her, which by the way shouldn't even be sent to her phone since we closed out that app as well.
Once in, you never get out. All these people putting their lives on display will never have that information removed and who knows what type of characters are reading and filing it away?
same here . i finally just figured is was some of the paid trolls on there . never put any of my personal info on there .
Some of my nine grandchildren post on FaceBook so I have an account and follow their escapades. My account was hacked so I changed my photo and reported the fake account. Most issues went away but I was getting tons of crazy political crap from both sides. Didn't bother me but it meant my grandkids were subjected to the Nazis and Communists I apparently went to school with. Unfriended all but two school friends and most of the politics went away. Finally unfriended each person who posted a link to that crap. They probably didn't even know what was being linked to them but because my friends' crazy friends posted crap they are all gone. Took a little time and effort but I have a pleasant and rage-free Facebook account now (including SPI).


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lol at your crazy old friends. Friends friends of friends is also what i didnt care for.

Pc tip- battery died on my motherboard, so when i unplugged pc to change failing video card fan, the bios went back to 2007 date and ALL my windiws installations gave security warning & blocked internet so i couldnt research or download drivers.

Long ass story short, i backed up then reformatted harddrive(s) and STILL gave that warning/blockage till i thought of checking bios's time. Corrected time & all cured, after i went thru all that bs. I'll never foget it for next time & told all my friends.