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Working on dad’s Dart, and we have decided on a graphics. The plan is to paint the car SPI Red. We are going to put the Swinger logo on the fender. He wants it ”ghosted”, and I am looking for ways to do it. My first thought is to use a pearl midcoat. I have no idea what would look good over red. Any suggestions, or other ways to do it?


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Just some general thoughts, I'm not the expert on this, Jim C is. :) You should obviously do some test panels before you do the car. Anything a shade or two darker or lighter than the primary color works well when doing ghost stripes. De3pending on the shade of red shooting some candy would also work. Red and most pearls don't really work well IMO. If you did use a pearl you would want it to be close to the primary color. Just my thoughts. Like I said Jim C would be the man to give you some concrete answers.:)


Having fun learning!
Okay thanks. I do plan on test panels. Should have the red on Wednesday. From my limited reading, gold is the most popular pearl for red base. That doesn’t mean it looks good... just the best of the bunch. I am a bit intrigued with the shade darker concept. Since I am using SPI Red, maybe I can use the Dark Red for the graphics.


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I'm with Chris with the pearl over a solid red, but it is just personal preference. Just never seen one that looked "right". A candy midcoat, a few drops of magenta toner, or the SPI dark red, would be good places to start, IMO.

Jim C

any of the above suggestions are fine but it really depends on what you like best. there is no right or wrong here. i have done white pearl over bright reds like spi red and i have also gone a little darker with candy and pearl as well. it will be up to you to do sample panels to get the look your going for.