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they have a couple. everything they have is 2995 .00 :) . sent them some pics of my 1930 international truck to see if they want to trade. this old truck is amazing . all the metal is straight which is rare for an old work horse . i've had it for 30 years . you just cant start off 3k in the hole with a build.
thanks for looking around for me. i have one more old yard to look through.


don , i contacted them. they had 2 of them. wanted 1k to boot on a trade. just no way an old pasture car is worth 3k . especially a 4dr .
They are not far from me and I have dealt with them several times. It belongs to two brothers and I have had better luck dealing with one than the other. He even showed me his private hoard of cars one day. I think the issue may be that they want all transactions to generate cash. If you had swapped them even then there would be no cash generated. In my experience they ask $2995 for all their cars but will usually let them go for $2500. Their thinking seems to be that anything less than $2500 and they will do better parting out the car.

their business their call. no pasture car especially a unpopular 4dr is worth 2500 . at least not a 49-52. putting the international and the 41 commercial on ebay and such . before i pay 2500 for a pasture car i will go to an older restoration for more money. getting hard to build with everyone thinking the old rusty car out back is worth 5k . in reality every year they set they loose value . i know of a 55ht that was at one time a good builder. it is now totally destroyed by setting in the dirt for 40 years.