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Fixing light area

Hi, just wanted to check with you on how you would approach this situation. I'm painting a motorcycle frame in BC/CC (DBC/SPI Universal clear). In one of the lower corners, inside a small channel, I did not have proper coverage, and I can see some of the green epoxy showing through the white. It's not in a highly visible area and it's just 1/2 inch, so I was planning to lightly scuff the clear with 600, then dust some BC, followed by clear than color sand and buff to blend it in. Do you think I might run into issues?
It's always better when you can blend the color and clear the entire panel.
But blending clear is inevitable for some areas and done all the time.
I like using a clear blender to melt in the edges of the clear blend,
it's made just for that, but a lot of painters just use a slow reducer.
I also like to sand the proposed blend area with 3000 to 4000 grit first.
If you do it right, it won't ever be a problem.
It's in your favor that you're going over your own new clear,
that makes it go easier and better.