Fixing base coat overspray


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First time posting here. I have always been able to use the search function to find the answers to questions I have except for this issue.

So I replaced the cowl on a 1967 mustang so I had to repaint the upper cowl. The car has white stripes and is nightmist blue. I painted the stripe color first and then painted the blue. When I removed the masking I had a little bleed through onto the white so I touched up the white. I then went ahead with the clear.

The next day I noticed the following. When I touched up the white it must have went through the vent and dusted onto the blue.

How would you guys fix this? I do not really want to base and clear again. The car will be getting a complete paint job in the next couple of years. Since it is in the vent area and on the bottom of the fin I thought about mixing a 50/50 base and clear and masking the area off and spotting it down in there. Thoughts?


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If that white overspray is under the clear, there really is no other option than to scuff the panel down, fix the blue and re-clear. Spotting in something like that and trying to basically make a "Single stage" is just going to cause you more work in the long run and you wont be happy with it.


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Yeah you're probably right. The white on the top smooth part is only dust. The overspray is just on the bottom half of the 3 vent "fins". Not that it probably changes what needs to be done.