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Evercoat rage gold/general filler question

Ok I'll try to ask my question as sensible as I can.
First, I'm not that well versed on body fillers other than using metal glaze every now and then.
Today I needed a little more filler than usual so I mixed up some rage gold. Of course since it's so hot here the filler kicks before I can get it all on the panel. I keep the excess mounds to check later in the day to see how they hardened up.
I noticed that they did get hard but not brittle type hard.
My question is, should filler like rage get completely rock hard where you can snap it like a potato chip? Or should it be a little bit plyable to where you can bend it a tiny amount and breaks like a cookie?
It depends on the thickness. Potato chips are usually thinner than cookies, at least the ones I eat, so I think you are comparing potato ships to cookies, or apples and oranges. The thinner the filler is, the more likely it is to bend without breaking. If the filler hardened, then the resulting flexibility is what it is. I think Rage Gold, and rage gold Ultra (what I use) is considered a light weight filler, so they tend to be more flexible than a heavier weight filler. At least that's my experience.
I know the Rage Gold sands much harder than the Rage Ultra, but not sure if one is more flexible than the other. There is also Ultra Extra that gives you all the time you need to spread even in 100 degree weather.


Trying to be the best me, I can be
Completely normal Will. Only difference in fillers is how they sand. All of it gets hard like you described. Rage Gold definitely does not sand as well as Ultra. As for the issue of not having enough time to spread before it kicks over you could try this: http://www.theevercoatedge.com/images/ePIM/original/TDS_200550_EDGE-SYNC_7.2017.pdf
I've been using the Edge line for a few years now and like it. It's marketed to mainly bodyshops. http://www.theevercoatedge.com/sds
We use the 522 filler (same as rage ultra) the 540 glaze and the 550 sync to extend work times especially with the glaze. You can intermix all three as well. Bonus is stuff is priced less than equivalent Evercoat products.
One more thing (which you probably know) is use less hardener in hot weather. Less you use the longer the work time and the easier the stuff sands. If it stays tacky once applied you'll know you need to add more but in reality half a supplied tube of hardener will work for a whole can of filler in the summer.
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I tried the RAGE filler a decade ago but was much happier with the Marson Platinum filler. 3M has since bought out Marson and I think they have changed the formula as it does not look exactly the same. However it does fill without pitting and sands fairly easy.
I am with Chris on using less hardener than what they call for to adjust working time.
My jobbers stock both Evercoat products and I've used both, and they are the same, as Chris said. One jobber is much cheaper on the Ultra than the other (almost 20%), and the Ultra is cheaper than the other jobbers Edge line. You can also get the Ultra Extra in gallon cans for less than twice the price of the 16oz pouch. Ebay has Ultra and Ultra Extra gallon combos for $120 free shipping.
Will! Long time no hear from. I have the same type question about flex. Before they came out with Xtra, I was told by several that adding fiberglass resin slows down the kick time but makes it harder to sand. One really hot day I tried some epoxy resin since it's much slower. Well it stayed very flexible for several day until someone threw the chip away. I didn't try it again because it doesn't seem like a good idea. I've found the red colored hardener definitely dries slower than the blue. In our climate rage Xtra is the way to go.