Evercoat 411 polyflex question



I just applied polyflex to bare polyurethane and and I’m kind of second guessing myself. I’m thinking it might have more of a chance going over epoxy primer first. The data sheet doesn’t specify which procedure is preferred so I assumed it didn’t matter.

Anyone got any opinions on this?
It will stick fine, it's just that urethane is super flexible, so 411 should be used very sparingly on it, like to fix pinholes and minor imperfections. If it's used on big repairs, it will crack.
Right, it’s 2 small very shallow low spots. Bigger than pinholes, I hope it holds up.
Typically I would recommend a flexible 2-part epoxy or urethane based product for urethane part repair, with 411 being for pinholes. But you might be okay, especially if the area is not permitted to flex a lot during assembly.
No they’re in pretty solid areas. There really shouldn’t be much left after sanding
Crashtech, I’d rather put this here than start a new thread...

I was digging through my drawer looking for my 2 part epoxy (automotive purposed) last night and came across some regular general use 2 part epoxy (I think it was jb weld brand). I’m just curious what is the difference if you or anyone else knows.
Check this out:

JB Weld might adhere, but it's far too rigid. There are a wide selection of materials available that match the properties of what is being repaired.

I actually have SEM epoxy. But I had never seen that detailed manual before, I always seem to miss the stuff in plain sight.

I didnt plan to use the general use epoxy on this bumper, I’m just curious. I like doing random tests but this isn’t the car I’m willing to try it on.