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I just used some Evaporust product to remove rust on some small hardware that would be difficult to sandblast. I let them soak in this solution for a few days, then rinsed in water and put on SPI black epoxy. It all seemed to work fine. Have any of you guys tried this stuff? Results? Opinions?
phosphoric acid is the main ingredient in most every snake oil . ospho , milkstone remover and many others do the same job. i use milkstone remover and have for years as it is much cheaper than most others . i buy from dairies around here since they buy it by the drum. all are alike in the residue will cause problems if not washed well while wet .
not sure on evaporust as i have never used it. they claim no acids in it . could be like molasses which works pretty good.
It's suppose to be totally safe, and after a couple of days, it did a great job on the small bolts and hardware that were pretty rusty. I rinsed thoroughly and blasted them in SPI black epoxy.
I used evaporust on some tubing that I used to build a trans mount. I rinsed off the stuff and wiped it with acetone, then SPI expoxied it. No issues and its been over a year. I noticed it doesn't seem to leave any residue behind unlike the acids.
I believe its true that evaporust doesn't have any acid, but it also has a short life. It can be used on any type of metal including alum, without harm, and doesn't desolve metal like acids do so its easy to rinse off since it just lays on the surface of the metal. Its much safer than acid in everyway, but its expensive and slower. It cleans metal as well as removing rust, I use it for cleaning alum castings, although it doesn't do a great job of it.