Electrolysis for rust removal on hoods and trunk lids...


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Not sure this is the best place to ask, but it is 'sort of' metal working.

I have a 65 Mustang that both the hood and trunk lid have rust in the framework. You can hear the rust flaking off and moving around as you open and close the hood. The trunk lid is not as bad, but defiantly has some. I am not building a trailer queen of a car, but would like to have the underside of the hood and trunk lid look good. Someone recommended trying electrolysis, and at first it sounds like it would work ok. One of my concerns is how it would effect the adhesion of epoxy primer Most DIYs I have seen use "washing soda" to get the process working. Will this effect SPI Epoxy?

Also taking other suggestions to fix this.....



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As I understand, the electrolysis method is "line of sight" for the path of the electricity so I would think anything hiding would not get removed.
There's many videos on Youtube about electrolysis rust removal. I can't address the adhesion issues that might arise, sorry.

I have personally used a Citric Acid soak and it worked pretty good, just took awhile.

I don't want to speak for the man, but Rusty Gillis on here is an absolute wizard concerning Mustangs and their inherent problems.

Best of luck, K. Lee
I do anodizing for a living, the anode in the tank is making the solution be the one side of the voltage and the part becomes the other side, not sure if part is ground or part is positive, so completely immerse the part in the solution and it works where you cannot reach, whether it can "see" the anode or not.

Big Dave

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Molasses X2. Citric acid is a bit quicker and easy to dispose of. But molasses seems to leave a nicer finish.

Big Dave

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Get you some feed store grade molasses, mix it 9 parts water to one part molasses. Stir and soak your degreased parts. Some folks mix it a bit stronger, say 7-1. Warm weather makes it work faster. You’ll know it’s working when you see foam build up on top. Only soak steel, since it will destroy other metals. Keep it covered, as it will attract animals if it’s outside. It lasts about 4 or 5 months. Then use it as fertilizer for your yard, but dilute it. Clean your parts with a pressure washer.