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Drip Rails, Gutters

Does anyone have a source to replace the old drip rails? Above the door is OK but down the quarter is gone on both sides on the 66 Chevelle we are doing now. I dont think we will have much real steel left, top half of the cowl, part of the package tray, roof structure. I formed up some that are kind of OK, doubled up the steel on the outside lip to get the width, but I just see the left over stuff being the place for rust to start since its layered. Full quarters, roof skin, are all gone from vinyl roof and a garage roof collapse.

I know alot of top guys just use 1/4 round, but its more to have a stop for the rubber in there to seal and those are cars that are usually not driven in the rain. So far the parts I cannot find are the two body mounts on the toe boards, one is ok, one is rusted thru, and these drip rails. I see the covers, not the actual rail itself.
Thanks, just had seen the moldings. The roof skin is AMD so they should work nicely. It overlaps part of the quarter on both sides so I am sure there will be some extra work, but at least I wont worry about all those layers of rust.