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Dessicant Dryer Systems

So Barry informs us that water vapor travels through the air lines and ruins his good work. I have a small repair job to do at my buddy's shop and he has not set up a dryer system yet. After speaking with him he wants to add a dryer but does not have funds yet to do so. I am wondering if I can get away with a couple of those inline dessicant separators from Harbor Freight?

If you have another cost effective solution I would love to hear it. YouTube has some guys making these with plumbing and tubing yet it seems to be too much work and I have no real professional reference that shows its effectiveness.


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Hi Chris. I have used the orange Motor Guard inline ones for my project and haven't had any problems with moisture, even this time of year. I'm also running a regulator at the compressor that has a water trap and a Motor Guard M60 filter thing (the ones that hold a roll of toilet paper).

Just yesterday I replaced my expended Motor Guard inline one with one from Harbor Freight (they seem to be a better build quality, if you can believe that) but I found that it wouldn't flow anywhere near the amount of air needed. I normally run my gun at around 26-28# and when I pre-tested the gun with a bit of thinner and the HF inline separator, the flow was horrible. I had to crank the regulator up to about 60# before I was seeing a normal fan. I pulled the HF one off and put my expended Motor Guard back on and it was back to normal.

Not sure if I just got a bad HF one or what, but that was my experience. In general, the inline separator is great, but I'd stay away from the HF ones.