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Dark waterborne?

I just opened a new gallon of waterborne and it’s about the
color of tea. It’s a little over a year old. The lid was on tight and stored in my heated basement.
OK to use?
First I would say that your story is a caution against buying materials until they are needed. Second, I believe there was a formulation tweak at some point that had no effect on the efficiency of #700, but changed the coloration and handling of the product and sure got a lot of people (myself included) uptight about the change, and since that time I think a further change was implemented and we now no longer see significant yellowing of the product, although a slight tinge can be present.

All that said, I would bet that your product is safe to use, but also that Barry would probably replace it at no cost as a matter of course if it causes concern.
Thanks for the replies!
It’s just to easy to make a mistake in this hobby, so it sure is handy to come here and get a second opinion.
The date code on this was 1/1/18 and it seems to work fine. One thing I did notice was it irritated my eyes slightly I’ll make sure to have a little bit more ventilation when I use it. It was damn cold last night and I didn’t want to turn on the fan.