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Corona treated paper

Discussion in 'Masking' started by ksungela, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. ksungela

    ksungela Member

    Any recommendation on using Norton's Paint check masking paper? Any other alternative?
    I used 3m's hand masker product last time and was not happy when the base paint was flaking off when I sprayed the clear.
  2. Jim C

    Jim C Oldtimer

    honestly i have always just used std green paper. even with spraying candies i have never had anything bleed through. its cheap, heavy duty and no flaking.
  3. dhutton01

    dhutton01 Member

    I use the blue polycoated paper. No problems with flaking or bleed through.

  4. Jim C

    Jim C Oldtimer

    i have used the blue stuff and it certainly doesnt bleed or flake but the one thing that is a deal breaker for me is that its so weak. its just polycoated newspaper. every time i ever tried to use the stuff it would tear or i would put a hole in it. its just so damn delicate. the next step up is the white flouro treated paper like the paint check stuff then above that is gold paper. gold paper being polycoated version of the green paper i use. that stuff is great because its poly coated but also strong. just far more expensive and harder to find.
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  5. ksungela

    ksungela Member

    I was at my local jobber this morning to buy some wanda base and they had blue polycoated paper, so I'll try that. Only $33. Thanks guys for the input.

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