Color chip books

Joey daa

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Have these color chip books for sale like to get 425.00 for them have 8total


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Joey daa

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I don't need all the books but, I could use page 19 from the first book, page 28 from the 2nd book, page 5 from the 3rd book, page 11 from the 4th book, pages 2 and 17 from the 5th book, and page 15 from the 6th book.

How much?

Nice collection by the way.
Thanks for looking but want to sale them all

Joey daa

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What years do these cover?
50s to 70s?
Mid 80 to 69 color chips and in the back of Napa book it gives the code and name of color no chips make me an offer and I'll let you know I've known Barry for about 15 years