Can I leave it masked


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I painted my roof last night. I used motobase paint and SPI universal clear ( came out great for a dirty shop ). Is it ok if I leave the windshield some of the car still makes. I have to paint the body ,but might not get to it for another week. The doors and glass areas are what I am referring to.


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Also , how long should I wait before I tape off the roof. The members here already told me to not buff it first. Tape it off paint the rest of the car and then buff
It is best to remove masking shortly after the clear coat has been sprayed. This gives any clear along the tape edges a chance to lay down.
Areas that are not adjacent to the paint and clear can be left masked without any issues.
Generally it is a good idea to put fresh masking on each time you spray.

As for your last question, the longer you wait before masking over fresh clear the better, especially if you need to leave the masking on for a while. I once placed a sheet of masking over a hood I sprayed clear on a day or two earlier and forgot to remove it when I was done spraying another part. It caused the clear to have cloudy/hazy spots from trapping the solvents.


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Dave as for masking over your fresh clear minimum time would be 48 hours @ 75 degrees or more. That would be the absolute bare minimum for 3 coats. I would wait longer, ideally a week, or get it into the sunlight for a day or even two, depending on how many coats of clear. That would speed up the curing process and help to ensure you don't mark the clear with the tape..


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Thanks Chris.
I will see if I can get it out in the sun, but it will probably be at least a week before I do anything. Thank you for the advice !!