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So im back to the point where im either gonna burn this garage down or renovate it once again. I need a dedicated paint area, simple as that. im tired of my work bench and cabinet getting covered in dust and frankly im still trying to control the dust. Keep in mind this has been a battle for like 15 years now...anyways. I would love to build a wall but I dont want to limit myself when other things come up and I may need the entire open space. i was looking at bodyshop curtains and I was curious if anyone had any brands they would recommend. Looking at some sites it looks like ill be about 800 invested in to this.

My plan is to basically run the track down between the ductwork and then ill just notch out the curtain by the air box and clip it by the light. I know this isnt a fix all, but I think it will help.

my paint area would be 24x13.5' I think that would be sufficient for most things... my exhaust fan being in that corner kinda limits be to having the paint area on that side. otherwise I would flip the entire garage around and have booth on the left side in this picture.


any thoughts?

dont mind the mess I have like 40 projects going on at once. You know like any normal person, lol


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I see you have an infrared propane/NG heater on the right. How does that air box work? I see two square ducts, is one intake, and one exhaust? If you split the two square ducts with the curtain and notch around the air box, wouldn't that put one side of the air box in the "booth" and the other side out of the "booth"?

Maybe I'm missing something?


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I see it.

Is the airbox with the two fans pushing air in necessary? If you rigged up an temporary intake filter system to fit under a partially opened garage door, and you existing exhaust fan is sized correctly you could put the booth on this side you wanted to in the first place. I'm not sure of your climate, or if you have preheated intake air. You know your space better than me, and have plenty of experience shooting in there, do you think this would work. If it did, you could scrap the intake air system on the ceiling and have more room for you curtain. Just throwing out ideas Bud.;)


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its pretty necessary. I paint every night pretty much so its nice to just hit the button when I need air pushed in. I'm just curious if anyone has used one of these curtains and if it helped.


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Goff's Curtain Walls are the best ones out there. Expensive but really good quality and they last. When I'm finally able to build a real Shop I will use them. There are other brands out there, but Goff's were the original one and the "name brand". I know the Goff's hold up. Worked at several Shops that had them. Some of the cheaper ones are that way because they are thinner and move around a lot more.

Oh and I know what you mean hanging masking plastic on everything gets old quick.:)


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OK, it finally arrived after ordering ti back in the beginning of December. I ended up going with The qualiy of the rails rollers and curtain itself seems to be very nice IMO. I paid $557 shipped to my door. This one was on my budget. Only part that kinda stinks is I had to go around the intake box, but its not that big if a deal. I built a pole that I can reach up and clip the curtain on a hook. I closed off the filters on the "clean" side of the curtain and now both fans just push through the 4 filters on the paint side. The air flow feels so much nicer. I think this may end up working out well.




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Also, definitly neglected my intake filters....

Looks good. Nice big section of clear to help let light thru. So that price was for 24' of curtain? How tall? My bay is 34' deep. But maybe toward the rear I could frame up a short wall 8 or 10 feet where the exhaust wall will be and I can get a a shorter curtain. Do you find your positive pressure setup helps keep dust down some and possible contaminants at bay? In the rest of my shop I tend to do all sorts of work. I'm generally careful about products I use but always worry about airborne contaminants from oils, sprays, waxes etc. Anyway, setup looks good! I'm sure your dying to spray in it now!


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9'6' tall. I didnt go all the way to the ceiling. I built a little frame that the the rail bolts too. I think the positive pressure help keep dust down, although, who knows. In the end its still a garage! I used to get air turbulence in areas of this garage if that makes any sense. I'm hoping now that the booth area is a rectangle shape it will help stop that from happening. IM excited to spray something. later this week.

Here is the rail
That doesn't appear to have chain in the bottom. Does it seem easy to blow around or move around? Just trying to figure out what curtain I want to go with myself.


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There is a pocket for a chain and it comes with a line in it to install it. with the fans on it doesnt really move at all. I could see a use for a chain if I had big bay doors that would be opened up in a shop while I was painting.