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black epoxy instead of SEM interior paint

Discussion in 'General SPI Information' started by angrywombat4, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. angrywombat4

    angrywombat4 New Member

    So why don't I want to use SPI black epoxy on my Foxbody interior pieces instead of SEM interior paint?

    This epoxy adheres so well to everything I have sprayed it on, I can't imagine the SEM sticking any better.

    The black epoxy is exactly the color I want too.

    Any negatives?
  2. Bob Hollinshead

    Bob Hollinshead Oldtimer

    It will work fine, just remember scratch resistance isn't at it's maximum until full cure-weeks. And since Barry added UV protectors in the epoxy it should last quite awhile.
  3. angrywombat4

    angrywombat4 New Member

    Perfect, thanks Bob!
  4. angrywombat4

    angrywombat4 New Member

    Just wanted to update. Cleaned everything with Purple Power and red scotchbrite, then Dawn with red scotchbrite, final clean with SPI waterborne cleaner, let sit overnight. One coat of SPI Adpro, and two medium coats of SPI black, thinned 10 percent with SPI reducer.

    It worked perfect, has the perfect sheen and color for what I wanted. Kept all the graining in the plastic visible, and it is seriously adhered to the hard plastic.

    This stuff was all originally light gray and filthy and faded. The epoxy covered beautifully with just the two coats.

    100_5290.JPG 100_5291.JPG
  5. catso

    catso Newbie

    Looks great!

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