Bare Metal Prepping/Cleaning for Primer

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I'm using 80 grit aluminum oxide to do my car. Have you guys seen any problems using that stuff?
Even the red ones need some work after time. So, what shade of red are you partial to...Case IH, MF, or the old Fords? I like to restore old Ford tractors.
The blaster I use also does heavy equipment and steel structures, I know there are contaminants in their abrasive but they do a good job and easy to work with. In a perfect world all traces of undercoating, road tar etc.. would be removed before blasting but if it's an unknown I'll stand by my recomendation to use both solvent and waterborne cleaners before any primer gets applied. I've used silica sand for years and never seen any corrosion problems-this is news to me. Maybe because my sand comes from the Great Lakes area where the only salt is on the roads? I've even used Gravel Pit sand- a mixure of silica, quartz, Iron Ore... never seen any problems. Steel slag also has worked well.
I just thought I would bump this thread up to the top for fastway firebird, and anyone else that hasn't read it yet.
Thanks Strum456 I wonder how I missed this thread I thought I read them all. Good info here..