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sitting on a wallet will cause problems too, simply moving mine to my front pocket eliminated almost all of my issues. everything since then has been self-inflicted from heavy lifting.
My wallet is so thin I can sit on it without any issues whatsoever.:D

I've gone from not being able to get out of bed a week ago this past Tuesday, to today where I have essentially no pain there at all. Crazy how that is. Very thankful for that though. Got the Inversion table setup and going to start using it 10 minutes ,2X a day.


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@Chris_Hamilton , glad to hear you are better! I feel like I have had similar experiences, although it's hard to say because we all experience pain differently. I have always thought that it's important to keep moving and my doctor agrees, although I can remember from the last time my back was out, I actually wore the skin off my elbows from using stuff around me to prop myself up. How pathetic! :p
AI, it's actually pretty stable. I haven't had any issues like that, but it would be a trip to tip over on it. :oops:
Oh wait! The pic is misleading. It lays down flat on the floor for use, like a table. You hook your ankles on one end and your head in the other, crank the wheel and stretch yourself out. Like on the old horror movies! The standing up position is for storage.

now it makes less sense, regarding where the pads are on the bottom frame and the back make it look upside down. Good luck with it.
Was going as long as I could about 45 degrees past flat most of the week. my lower back pain has moved to my upper back at the shoulder blades so I will find an inbetween point of using it til the pain drops back a couple inches lol.


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I've always wanted to share this with someone, just didn't know who. You guys may appreciate...


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Gotta add my Nickle's worth. I've always been athletic. And big. Too big. Weigh between 220 and 280 most of my adult life. I sink like a rock in water. Pretty solid. I've done adventure sports my whole life, and I really effed off my back mountain biking and--kayaking. Dropping off a cliff or waterfall in a kayak can be like dropping off a 30 foot roof and landing on your butt. The pain progressed as I aged till I tried massage, chiropractics, inversion table, pills, steroid injections, and nothing worked. Finally referred to a surgeon as I could no longer walk more than a few paces without leaning on something. Turns out two discs between L3, L4, and L5 had blown and dessicated decades earlier, and my body responded by sending so much calcium to the area to repair the eroded bone, that the passage for the spinal cord had shrunk to the point that the spinal cord was very compressed. Surgery helped immensely, and just now, three years later I'm getting pain again. My FIRST step should have been an MRI to see WHAT was wrong before spending years in pain chasing symptoms instead of cause. That will certainly be my first step again.
Btw, massage was the only thing that provided any relief. If you DO try massage, find one that has a lot of doctors as clients. There are VERY few massage therapists that really know the relationship between the pain you experience and the why.