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Anybody use Keen or Mirka abrasives?

I've used the Mirka PSA paper for long board and DA, in my experience they seem to load up more readily than the 3M...
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I use the Mirka papers and Abralon discs.
I like 3M better for sandpaper but for the money the Mirka is pretty good,
almost as good as the 3m. I have both.
the newer Mirka scuff pads, the real thin ones, out perform any of the others by a lot.
I use a lot of them.
i have used mirka as well over the years. i have used their cheaper gold stuff as well as their top lines. they are just ok. not bad, not great, just ok. the long board paper does seem to dull and load up fairly quick. their discs do dull out faster than 3m and norton. i have recently tried sunmight and found their stuff to be great. i am using their green film discs and long board rolls. holds up well and doesnt load up. i like it as much or better than 3m. cheaper too. they carry quite a bit of it at supergrit.com.
Thank you for the replies guys, I am needing some 2-3000 grit and some scuff pads and wanted to get opinions before I order. I got a super deal on boxes of 100 count 3m ceramic 4-500 grit hook and loop from a guy I met through the net, He has 4-500 boxes and sells them for 25-30 a box. That is a real deal, If you guys want any just shoot me a pm and I'll give you his number.