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All my projects...

I figured I'd just start posting pictures of all my smaller, random projects I've done. Most of them I'm using as practice to learn what to do/what not to do. Hopefully I will get it all figured out before it's paint time on my restorations!

This was originally an office chair. My grandfather started an auto parts store about 35 years ago, my father worked there and took it over about 25 years ago, then our supplier (Big A Auto Parts) went under so my father purchased a local Carquest from the owner. We kept CarQuest from'99 till '10, they switched freight haulers and we had multiple issues of missing freight, late freight, etc. We switched to a local outfit (Sturdevant's Auto Parts) and haven't looked back. Sturdevant's is like a family, unbelievable customer service.

The chair originally belonged to the owner of the Carquest, he worked at our shop for another 5-10 years after my father purchased his business. My father was going to throw it out after the original owner retired but I thought it was too cool to scrap.

Paint huffer Sno Cone metal flake over black, universal clear. The seat is being redone in sparkle vinyl currently, and I need to get some nice screws to hold down the trim, which was originally riveted. Replaced the normal casters with some chrome hooded ones for a little extra flare. The chair did originally have a backrest, but I removed it since I just want it as a funky shop stool.

These are subwoofer boxes for my new (to me) shop. First time doing lace, water droplets, cubes, and crystal paint. All sorts of different bases, metallics, and kandies... mostly whatever I had around the shop with UV over it all. I love music and have a 12,000 watt system in my shop. Surprisingly, the subwoofers still aren't incredibly loud (compared to a car system), but when you have a 30x50x14' shop, that's a lot of volume for 2 12" subwoofers. Learned a lot on these as far as painting went.

Megasquirt 2 ECU. Built it from a bare circuit board, not paint related but it was a fun project. Hoping to use it for an inline 6 I'm fuel injecting, a 250 Chevy with a lil performance here and there on it.

70 C20 LS Swap. Tried to keep it very original looking and use as many factory parts as possible. Also swapped in a 4l60E, electric fans, etc. I would have liked to make the intake look more stock, but the owner wanted a little flash. Not paint related, but it might be someday as he's working his way through fixing it up.

68 C10 chassis, blasted and coated with SPI Epoxy. Everything new, disc brake conversion, posi added, lowered 4/2.5 IIRC.

My Garage. Did everything except the mudding/texturing myself. Was a bare stud and concrete floor mess when I started. Etched the window of the door with my sand blaster, played with kandy and flake for the first time on the door and fridge.

Decided to give the owners of the restorations I'm doing mugs that match their cars. I played around on this one in my favorite colors to see how it'd work out.

Some guns I played around with. Sold all of them, sadly. I polished everything on the Ruger myself, in addition to the paintwork on the stocks

Some shop graffiti. I had someone else design the logo, as I have zero artistic ability (but I can trace really well!). I saw Goolsby Customs shop art and loved it, this isn't that intense but it's a start.

Well, that's pretty much where I'm at so far! I have a few other irons in the fire, but they aren't finished yet. I'll add to this thread as I keep going.
Thanks Jim, I was going to add to this thread that you are behind at least 50% of these projects. I have asked a ton of questions and you've always helped out, thanks!
Well, I'm gonna hold out and see if Photobucket releases all my photos, but until then here is a tailgate I did for my dad's shop pickup. SPI SS black, 24k leaf, and UV clear 20170719_160229.jpg 20170719_160235.jpg 20170719_160257.jpg
Yeah, Photobucket changed their policy and is requiring you to pay $400/year for them to host pictures. I'm going to hold out for a while and see if they revert back as they have made a lot of people very upset. If not, I'll reload them someday.
Thanks, it's easier to learn (AKA - screw up) on the small stuff. Things like tape residue, overlap, etc etc. I mainly did this to find out what the generally recommended 8:1 intercoat to candy would cover like. I can't remember if this was 3 or 4 coats, but either way it looks like a jewel. I have 2 more mugs that I'm going to keep playing on. I wanted to do some different effects on this, but I just loved how the blue and red came out, didn't want to risk ruining it.

The grey is the color a Trans Am I'm doing will end up.