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Air Compressor connection to 1" copper pipe?

Go to your local NAPA or other parts store that makes hydraulic lines and see if they can match the fitting you have and make you a line as long as you need, they may have to make up a hose and provide an adapter but they should be able to do it. A hydraulic hose rated at 10k lbs hydraulic pressure... 150lbs of compressed air is meaningless. Stainless braided is best and recommended but this will work just as well.


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While having a flexible line is great it is not 100% necessary. I've plumbed several Shops over the years and have always done it the following way. Make sure you have your compressor mounted on hard rubber pads and bolted to your floor. Then simply use a Union of the proper diameter to join your piping. I've done multiple compressors this way over the years and have had no issues at all.

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Thanks! This would be much easier than finding the correct hose apparently. It would have been much easier had I started with 3/4" copper rather than 1" as 7/8" hydraulic hose has been a lot easier to find than 1-1/8"