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air chiller


Top Banana
no doubt if done right it'll work great. put some ice in there too & styrofoam cover?
got photo of drain? couple cans of brew for after cleanup? :)

when i see full roll in hardware store, i always picture it in 5gal bucket of icewater & quick connects.
havent thought about drain or slow leak down low.
there is a drain at the bottom of the coil in case it makes water also a drain to empty the barrel. my well water is around 50 degrees . the air is regulated entering the coil so very little flow . i only run 10-15 lbs through the hood. on days i use it i will fill it the dump ice in it right before i start. cool your head and neck your body wont know it's hot . :)
i plan to wrap it with foil insulation i have laying around . country boy country ways .