JC Daniel

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I have a question that I know you guys can answer, Can AdPro be used on any plastic bumper? I am getting ready to repair a bumper and was wandering if I can use AdPro no matter what it is made of? Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi JC what do you mean repair? A rip , cut or just paint tu. I use SEM and some of their bumper repair systems like Multi Plastic repair AdPro is not needed. Cleanning is very important. Others will chime in. Give SEM tech line a call.
PP, you need it. Urethane, you don't. Don't use much. The surface should not be glossy after spraying.
The mantra is: if it floats, you must promote.
Meaning, if you cut a sliver off and put in a little water and it floats. Use promoter.