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Activating Basecoat?

The SPI basecoat product sheet states that activating the base is optional, but also states that it must be activated. I have Universal Clear activator, so I intend to go ahead and activate it to be safe, but can someone please let me know the purpose of activating it and how to decide whether to activate or not? Also, if activated, is there now a potlife issue that I'll need to be aware of? Thanks!
activated base doesnt kick off and harden into a puck the way clearcoat or primer does. there is very little reactivity. the catalyst itself does kick off and harden on its own when its in the paint film so it will add to adhesion and hardness or the base. think about a qt of catalyst that you have used a number of times and then leave it sit for some weeks. the cat kicks off all in the threads of the cap and your usually lucky to get it off. same thing applies when its mixed into the base. as a general rule, always activate your base. doesnt matter brand. it will only add to durability of the job.
I would also add that for hacks like me who sand through the clear every now and then :( that activating the base makes the repair easy. If the base isn't damaged by the sand through, simply spray more clear.