A100 Twins

While black can really make a straight panel stand out, it also is a real pain to keep clean. Especially here in dusty Arizona.

I had painted my 2000 Harley Ultra Classic with SPI Black, Black and it looked great as long as I detailed it before every ride.
Dean’s blocks rock. First blocking and it is straighter than I ever expected (yes I know I need to recover a couple body lines)... Only a dozen more to go :p


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BTW I think now that the Coronet is gone this is going to be SPI orange with a white band.... Turquoise will be Barry As Orange As He Can Get It Orange...


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I have to admit, getting 400hp and 500 foot pounds of torque out of a slant six with only 11 pounds of boost if pretty freakin great. Those Aussie's make some cool aftermarket parts for the leaning tower of power.
There is so much untapped N/A power there if we ONLY had a good head. The best you can maybe do is 275 HP with that head no matter what you do to it. The cu-in per cylinder is the same as a 318 so it needs a head that can flow as much as a good small block head. It is not possible to get even close to a good Edelbrock or Toth small block head. If you could get a head as good as a small block 325 HP could be made easily N/A.