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A couple of issues with Fiberglass

Not sure how to repair the following:
Gel coat deteriorated:
Gel Coat Damaged.JPG

Chunk missing:
Chunk Missing.JPG

It's been a while since I have done anything with fiberglass so I know there must be a host of new products out there. Not sure where to begin or what is the best method of repair.
Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Not being able to lay eyes on it '68, but it is probably SMC as opposed to fiberglass. Most (all?) trucks in the last 20 years or so use it as opposed to fiberglass. So you'll want to use SMC compatible materials. I would use the new 2 part epoxy based repair compounds for the hole.
Here is a good video from SEM that helped me a couple of years ago fix something very similar to what you are doing.

You are going to have to bond it to that steel so, you 'll have to get the steel nice and clean. Epoxy the steel, use the 2 part and mat, to bond it to the epoxied steel.
As for the gel coat deterioration, I would DA with 80 until I got it feathered, and all the old gelcoat and rotten glass gone. If you didn't have to remove too much material, epoxy, then glaze it if necessary. Or if it needs more material use a 2 part epoxy based repair compound like in that video.

Cover as much of your body as possible when you work on this. Long sleeve shirts help a lot. Careful how you blow yourself off too.


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I would suggest epoxy as well over the gel coat, then filler of your choice. Epoxy is awesome over SMC or glass, and I've had it fill stress cracks not even trying, which 2K never did for me. Lots of practice on sprint car parts:)


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68, did stress pop broken piece off? What is rusted piece? Mounting point?
I know it's gonna look too damn good to work when done & strong.
Have a blast spraying that :)
The rusted metal is the brace the splash shield mounts to. On the other side there were four machine screws with nuts hold it on, this one had that big chunk missing.

Owner is going to price new ones tomorrow. :cool:

Thanks for the heads up on the material Chris! Though I have no idea what the difference between SMC and fiberglass is. :confused: