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92 Lumina Parts

Items for Lumina APV
Fuel meter body assembly. Removed from running engine. $80
BWD Throttle body rebuild kit. Unbroken seal. $30
Electronic Control Unit . Removed from running engine $40
1990 - 1992 LaBra Custom Front End cover. On vehicle one day. $60
Factory Service Manual. All pages present and legible. $25


It's posted in the for sale category. Other members have indicated they own Lumina's. The bully statement "... world's worst first post..." is derogatory
demeaning, and in violation for sites zero tolerance policy.
Sorry if I offended you with my "bully statement". Most people don't use their first post to try and sell things on an auto body forum that don't have anything to do with auto body.

Either way, maybe someone is still driving or fixing a Lumina APV and will purchase the parts. I haven't seen one in probably 10 years. Good luck.


Trying to be the best me, I can be
Mitch your post made me chuckle and spill my coffee.:)

92 Lumina, we try and stay on topic here. Perhaps get involved on the forum first. You're gonna have better luck selling your stuff on Craigslist or Ebay.