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7" buffer bucking...

I have never much needed to use an electric, 7" polisher before but have three wool pads and this bigazz motorhome to polish for myself, so I am at it. I am using Mystic cut. I read a number of the comments in another posting, but these are the tools I have. The surface is irregular in that you can see the layout of the matt under the very thing gel coat, so I cannot simply totally flatten it out. Where I am puzzled - is how much product to use in a 2ft. area. I can get the pad to work Ok if I don't flatten it out, but it seems wrong to not use closer to the center.

I am happy with the Mystic. It's not all messy and it leaves very little to wash off. I can also get the surface temp up, so I gather that is when it works best. (?) ..but, I get times when the pad is jumping off the surface.

(BTW - I used an air DA with 1500-3000-5000 prep after a heaving cleaning - it has a very nice 'matt' look, but I want shiny)

Should I dampen the pad? ...'more product? ...'wash the pad? I am not doing this for a living, but I don't want to spend all this time doing a crappy job. Thanks in advance.