68 camaro underside



I've used other liners but this spi stuff takes the cake!! I used the SMART bedliner on the mustang...and while looks good, it is super hard. Being that hard makes me think it will chip rather easy.

I used the spi, black, for the first time on the 68 camaro and i am sold. A 68 ford truck is next, inside and out. I havent done the wheel tubs yet. Need a little bit of work and want them a little thicker than the rest of the underbody.



I can never decide when to do the bottom, because afterward, I am worried about overspray. At what point in the process do you undercoat, jeremy? Just before last blocking for paint?
Used the geo gun spi supplies. Had the tip about wide open. I did both the camaro and the mustang first, before any bodywork or priming. It does make it a task to keep it all taped off between each primer session...but it is so nice to have it on the rotiss. to do this. I'll never lay on my back and spray this stuff again. Once off the rotiss. I was a little worried when doing the mustang, but i got under it today and it still looks like it did the day i sprayed it. Been through epoxy, poly, couple session of primer.

Andy, next order i want to get some of those samples to hang up in my office! Everone who looks at it loves it! They always ask, is it like the rhino liner or linex? After i show them, for some reason they dont like the rhino or linex for some reason, LOL.
thanks chad!

I am not sure on the smoothness. I was looking for a nice even rough texture for this. Next one i do i am going to play with reducer and fluid tip/pressure. I think there is someone on here that reduces and sprays through a 2.0 tip for a smoother texture?
Very old thread, but Im advising a friend on how to do his restoration and I told him this is what he needs to do..
Sooooo bumping this back to the top for old times sake :loyal: