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2k Primer gun

My cheap Mac “econo coat” siphon gun I’ve been using for primer, doesn’t like to spray the thick 2k high build primer. What gun are y’all using to spray 2k primer?


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My Gunsa 1.8 didn't like spraying either the Regular or Hi-Build primers. It sprayed the Turbo ok but I switched to a 2.0 Gunsa and both sprayed much nicer. Wouldn't neccesarily recomend either one of those guns though. Try something cheap like the Vapor 2.3 as Shine stated.
i use my accuspray with the red cap i think its a 2.0 or 2.5
it sprays slick sand and raptorliner without issue. best part is that it uses the pps cups and all u need to do is pop the cap off and wipe clean the needle when ur done


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I want to purchase an Iwata w400 2.0 for 2k primers...Cant find one any more, I do find 2.5..Can I dail that hog back enough to lay smooth/sheen?
I bought a Vapor gun from northern. It has a 2.3 tip. I’ve shot slick sand polyester primer and SPI high build 2k. It works awesome. I think I paid $40.00.
I am back to give an update about what I did...I purchased a used Devilbiss GTI Milinium 1.6 on Ebay for 56.00 shipped,I went to home depot and purchased a Milwaukee 2.0 drill bit put it in my dremel and drilled out the tip...it works great....From the research I have done the Devlbiss GTI Milinum is the only gun that uses 2.0 tips with the same needle as the other sizes so if you want to do this be sure to purchase the GTI Millium as they have other model GTI's that dont use that tip size.... 620G is the model number.....Monsterrat is the ebay user I purchased from.he keeps listing more of the same gun with the same 1.6 tip and the same grind marks just abouve the GTI logo..I wonder what place he purchases them from must be some factory...Heads up..Devilbiss is the only gun that uses the same needle and air caps that allow you to just change the tips because the tip hole size is in at end of the tip passed the taper...GENIUS..
iwata was the first to do this. same needle for different nozzles.
Oh YEAH!Devilbiss invented the spray gun..LOL,Joking aside, Iwata's 2.0 tip only used on the lph440 is more rare then an honest congress and only two guns the w400 and the lph400 do this but not for the bigger tips..you still have to buy a matching needle.I am not knocking Iwata by no means.I would like to buy a Ballaria but cant justify it I am happy with my prolite.I have had thoughts of selling my Sata NR95 to help fund a used ballaria.