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1965 Ford Mustang fastback

Sorry for the multiple show and tells. Just been busy working instead of posting. In quite proud of this one.
Car was started decade ago. Inner and outer rockers,some of the firewall,roof,inner quarter frames,front frame rails is all that is still original ford metal. New fenders,doors,floors,rear frame rails,everything esle I missed. Lol
SPI epoxy and Primer
And it didn't take me a decade car was shelved along the way for about 8 years.


Nice job, I remember ordering three sets of headlight and 3 sets of tail light doors from a junk yard in Kentucky that had several Mustangs, just trying to get a set that was close enough that I could then make them fit perfect

My daughter didn't know the difference, but she caught on pretty quick.
That's the same here. But I 36 grit da'ed the headlight doors and used All Metal to shape the aftermarket headlight doors to the aftermarket fenders. Lol. Nothing for out the box. That rear duck bill is all fiberglass the trunk lid and quarter extensions. There is at least 40 hours of glass and filler work on the back just to get to primer stage.
I worked on a Ford assy line for a couple years in the mid 60s, and it was obvious that quality control took a back seat to production. If someone stopped the assy line, it better be because of life or death.