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1964 Chevy C10

It's been a little while since my last update - haven't made a lot of visual progress and have been spending time on my 68 too. But we've mounted the ECM and fuse block, installed more of the Vintage Air system, completed the wiring at the back half of the truck, installed the bed wood and wheel tubs, and test fit the wheels off my 68 for sizing. Turns out that the wheel and tire setup on my 68 is almost spot on in terms of sizing/backspacing, so wheels are on order.

Next weekend we hope to get the tailgate and rear bumper on and continue wiring.

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Beautiful work!
Not a big update - but a huge difference in appearance. We've got the rear window installed, bed is 100% complete, rear bumper is on, wheels and tires are on, and it's on the ground. We've got the Vintage Air system 90% complete, brake pedal assembly and master cylinder mated together, now just a bunch of wiring to sort out between the Speartech engine harness and the American Autowire harness. We're leaving the front outer fenders, hood, cowl, etc. off until we're done working in the engine bay and have it running. I will admit, I was not that excited with my dad's choice for the wheels, but they actually look pretty good and we've got the perfect backspace and width for the rear tubs.

Even though I know where all of the imperfections are in the paint, it's still a huge accomplishment for me. This is the most in-depth bodywork I've ever done and I can't wait to see it in the sun - my dad is almost scared to drive it because it's come out so nice. We've learned a lot on this project and there are lessons learned that I'll carry to my 68 project. We're hoping to have it running in the next couple months and start on my 68 in the spring.

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