1. M

    WS400 evo vs Tekna prolite

    Hello, im somewhat of a beginner to painting. I usally spray hoods and bumpers and fenders. I recently was spraying with a tekna pro-lite but I just found a really good deal on an Iwata w400 evo from a friend. I am looking for a new gun as im not really fond of the tekna prolite . If i do get...
  2. Creativename

    Anyone using the air gunsa hte-s?

    I recently got one and have had some mixed results spraying 2k regular build. Anyone else have an opinion on the gun?
  3. A

    Iwata W400 clear gun for sale

    I,ve been painting for 30 years and I am selling off the fleet . This is a straight shootin Iwata w400 1.4 , I bought new from iwata. It lays clear as good as the new fangled ws400 i got , just not quite as sexy. It will come with an Lph 1.3 base / clear tip and a Lph orange Lvx cap ( great for...
  4. A

    For Sale Iwata WS400 1.4 Super Nova

    I have an Iwata WS400 1.4 h.d. Evo Super Nova clear gun for sale . It also will come with 1.3 h.d. fluid tip ( which works fantastically as well as the 1.4 ) ... I have shot 3 overall jobs and several hoods , fenders and bumpers with it... Works perfectly , like new ... I have only shot clear...
  5. D

    Iwata lph80 vs Sata Minijet 4400b HVLP

    First off, my main use will be to paint and clear helmets in a variety of colors to include tricoat candies . I also use mainly satin and matte clear coats but occasionally run a glossy show clear. the paints and clears I use all come from http://specialistpaints.com so I believe them all to be...