User Purge?


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I havent been on the forum in a bit, but when I tried to log in today, it didnt recognize me and kept saying user doesnt exist. Had me wondering what oddball user name I must have used. I searched for threads created by boostedone, and got no results found.
I went into my emails and searched for the forum and found a password reset request email from a few years ago that said this user name.
I created a "new" account with my old username and email.
I finally found an old thread of mine by searching random search terms.

Is there a way to merge the old account into the new one? or at least get me out of probation? LOL...


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i randomly clean out accounts that have not been touched in 2 years or more. makes the forum a lot easier to manage and helps with spamming attempts. once the user account is purged there is no way to bring it back.


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I've been a member here for awhile but haven't posted anything in the forum yet. I found out about SPI a few years ago on another forum that I'm a member of and have been buying and using SPI products since then on my current project. Every time I've had occasion to call the office to order product or simply ask a question, no matter who I spoke with they were not only knowledgeable but also seemed happy to take the time to help me and honestly that rare these days to say the least. Being basically a newbie at this, (other than painting a few cars years ago before the products and methods changed so much) I have found a wealth of knowledge and information here. So please don't purge my account since I'm on most days just reading and learning. The only reason I haven't posted any questions yet is that I've been able to pretty much find whatever information I was looking for by doing a search. I'm thankful to have found out about the company and the forum and I'm sure going forward I'll have a lot of questions for the talented folks here.