Re-mask between stages?

Dean Jenkins

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First, thanks to Chris Hamilton for the excellent post "The proper way to wipe down a vehicle prior to paint."
Very informative!
Here is the link for anyone who didn't see it:

My question is:

Do you re-mask the car between stages? As everyone knows, masking an assembled car for a repaint is several hours of work.

In my case, I'm repainting a 2002 suburban which is in really good shape. I'm wet sanding the factory clear, doing some minor body work and then painting.
I've removed the trim, door handles, fender flares, side molding etc. But not removing windows, not doing the jams etc. Same color.

Once I've wet sanded all the factory clear, I will mask it off and then epoxy primer, repairs, 2K primer, epoxy seal, base and then clear.
I'm obsessive about having a smooth flat surface for each stage and wet sand every stage before the next. Maybe overkill, but . . .

If using quality tape and masking products (3M yellow tape, polycoated paper, Norton refinishing plastic sheet) can I leave the initial tape and masking in place, even when washing the vehicle with Dawn soap/water etc. between stages, or is that a problem and it needs to be re-taped between stages?

Probably a newbie question, but that is what we are here for, right?