Plastic repair


Hi guys, what is everyone using for bumper cover and general plastic repair? I have been using structural repair adhesives, and was thinking of a plastic welder. Has anyone used the nitrogen plastic welders? Thoughts? Recommendations on brands? thank you!
I can plastic weld Type II PVC, and Polypropylene to make tanks and liners. I tried using the hot air welder on a bumper cover and it just kept splitting apart. Got one of those plastic staplers that are showing up everywhere to try.

Jim C

i have done plenty of plastic welding for repairs. nothing expensive. just the hot iron type. for doing bumpers and general plastic repairs that your going to prime and paint then it works fine. just like welding metal, the strength of your repair depends on the guy doing the welding.


I use a Steinel hot air gun with rods from Polyvance FB_IMG_1615140198470.jpg.FB_IMG_1615140188750.jpg


Thank you everyone, is the nitrogen welder worth it? I would think it must shield out impurities during the welding process. I haven't done much in the way of plastic welding, and thought it might be time to consider it. What brands/models would everyone recommend for plastic repairs? thank you!
I just have this kit

it takes less than 5 pounds of clean air pressure, not sure if the nitrogen is better, I would think it should be, or if its just something to use if you are not near an air compressor.

They are pretty basic, a heating element in the handle that air blows over to expel hot air that melts the plastic and the welding rod.