Just saying . . .this forum is awesome


Garage hack at night.....
I think it starts at the top. Barry is a first class guy and his enthusiasm and attitude rubs off on the rest of us. :)

THere are so many forums which like you say are total sewers. YellowBullet is one comes to mind. This really is a unique and special place. :)
Yellowbullet is a trip, just have to stay the hell out of the "trash or be trashed" section lol I haven't been on there in a min. I may have to peak in and see just how dark its getting in there now with the current political state of the nation.

I remember when that forum started and they only had room for so many members.
Facebook is a damn joke. I created an account to find my next project...and its been a big waste of time.. im about ready to cancel myself
Good luck with that. My wife tried to close her account three times and they still keep all of her information. Once someone sent her a FB post to look at and she clicked on it. Her Facebook page opened and said, "Welcome Back." All of her information, pictures, posts, friends, timeline were still there.