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HI everyone,
I have been viewing this forum for years and finally decided to join. The amount of knowledge you guys share is incredible, not to mention the time and effort you spend helping others.
With that said, I am in the market for a quality gun. I had learned to spray long ago at work, which was painting small aircraft skins, flight controls etc. after repairs. The equipment we used was Lex Aire turbine system and you had to move obscenely slow. I have done a couple of completes on a couple Mack trucks and my own personal pickup. The gun I used on these was just an $75 Home Depot Husky hvlp. These were work trucks so really just needed them to be one color.
My next project is to be my 78 Firebird which is to be the original color of solar gold, and I plan on using Motobase. I have searched through several threads and thought I was decided on getting Iwata’s lph-400. Several here highly recommend and it seems to match my slower style. As I continued to search, I am now also considering going with a Sata x 5500 hvlp as those were recommended to be a great basecoat gun. I‘m on the fence between the two guns, but I know a gold metallic is probably one of the most difficult colors and I’d like all the help I can get by choosing the right equipment.
Here’s a picture of my 76 GMC using PPG bc/cc using my Home Depot Husky special I did about 10 yrs ago.



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JC Daniel

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I use an Iwata LPH 400 1.4 LV for spraying Euro clear, it is a great gun and yes it is more of a slower speed but when you get it dialed in it will slick out the clear. As far as base coat I am sure it will spray just fine as my friend sprays base out of his including metallics and his work is always great, if you plan on using one gun for base and clear my vote is on Iwata lph 400. You said you were a more slow and deliberate painter, I have sprayed clear on several jobs with a Sata 5000 rp 1.3 and it is quite a bit faster than the Iwata. Both are great guns it just comes down to the speed you want to spray.


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You will not buy a better Gun for the money.
1.4 with the Orange cap. Simple as That. Does it All.
Main reason I got my first one was the Sata was almost Twice the price and I just didn't have the money. Glad I couldn't. First time I sprayed the Lph-400 and that 10" pattern flowed out was awesome. And at 20# at the Gun. Really nice actually putting Product ON the panel instead of Out the
I eventually got a Sata Jet RP 1.4 around '05,'06,more Gun pressure and o'spray, painted great and was an excellent piece but never really fit my style,which is methodical and ended up selling it a couple years ago.
I know, Decisions,Decisions,Decisions......
If Money is no issue, then it's a toss up but either way,you win. Unless your Air Compressor is a question mark about supplying enough cfm. Believe theLPH 400 wins there.


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Thanks guys.
Yes, I’m slow with the gun, it’s all I’ve ever known so I may not like the speed of a Sata. I would probably want to get a second gun for clear if I went with the Sata as well. I think I’ll stick with my original plan and go with a new Lph-400 and have a good all around gun with a speed I’m used to.
I have a 2 stage Champion 5hp 80 gal which is 19cfm at 125psi so I should be good either way.


I actually prefer orange cap for clear. At least for most of my work which is collision. I find it to be a touch faster and leave a touch of peel. But I can still slick it out pretty good if I want. Just my opinion.


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Going with the above recommendations I went ahead and ordered the LPH400-LV along with the orange cap. Seems like a good fit for me.
Thanks everyone! I have some leftover materials I'll never use again I can test it out with when it shows up.
Perfect. And now you have both caps so you can see which one suits you better. Great gun can’t go wrong. Only guys that don’t like them are people that wanna run around the car and hose it on. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But it doesn’t suit everyone’s style.


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It's here somewhere,can't remember where I posted it but,
The Silver cap is the Original first gen standard cap.
The Purple cap came out next to help with more cap atomization.
The Orange cap is the culmination and experience learned from the other 2.
I did a Silver air cap test on this gun in the Tool section and you might find it of interest.
Especially the performance increase using All 3/8" to gun.
Happy painting!
It can be useful every once in a blue moon. But it’s got some odd characteristics you need to get used to. You’ll be fine with the orange. A lot of people are content with the silver for base even.


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Main thing is to run around 20-25# air pressure AT the gun with the trigger fully pulled.
I know,I've tried to "follow the directions", even have the sheet on the wall at my bench,with less than desirable results no matter what I shoot thru It.
Maybe in Iwata's Laboratory it works well but in the Real world,won't cut it.
And I proved "compliance" at 20 or so psig with the Guage with 10# @ the Cap.