Almost perfect but waves(?) and nibs, nibs, nibs!!!


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10ft wide? i dont know how you are going to work in that. a typical booth is 14'. i was in a booth that was 12' wide once and you could not open a door and barely have enough room to spray the sides of the car.
small car, but definitley will be tight. I have worked out I can roll it easily a few feet without touching anything to open room as I move to the other side


Chris, When I put my booth up I had no clue about the correct materials-just running through the jungle blind.... Like you, I used the rolls of plastic drop cloth type plastic sheeting. I mopped floor, walls and wiped the ceiling down between coats and fogged a good spray of UV clear in the empty booth between base and clear. I painted in pieces so the cleaning process was pretty painless. I'm not saying it's the right way, but it was successful. You got what you got, so just take the extra time to make sure its as clean as it can be. After 10 years, my "temporary" booth needs new plastic...I'll do it different this time.

Chris Martin

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Thanks. Yeah, although I know I should do it right and change the plastic, I'm tired of working on this booth for now. I'll do the cleaning and go from there.


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The pressure inside and the restrictive intake filters keep the plastic tight. And I just replaced all the plastic with new so it is fairly clean.
Yes, but the plastic moves every time you turn the fans on or off and whenever you open or close a a door.

Chris Martin

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Yes but I wouldn't say too long. Maybe a couple of minutes. I keep them off when I open the doors so that stuff doesn't get pulled in from outside.


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I think you’re really overthinking this.

Any booth cleaning or air-dusting should be done at minimum the day before.

I turn my fan on several hours before I spray to clear out the air and keep it on.

Are you going to cut and buff? If so I wouldn’t worry about nibs.

Fiberglass will still have static but how you would discharge that I’m not sure…

Chris Martin

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Thanks Lizer. Good info.

So in the last two days I spend time sealing my DIY spray booth as well as I could, cleaned the whole interior, got my tyvek suit out, etc. Also, a conversation with Barry led me to some adjustments on my last test panel spray.

But this time I paid more attention to the panel after cleaning and noticed small blue specks (lint like) which I believe comes from my Prep-All blue wipes. So this time around I used a very expensive lint free paper I have for polishing acrylic windshields and finally (almost) no nibs.

A bit disappointing because I still have at least half a box full of the Prep-Alls. I got this paper at the local paint shop but it is two years old so maybe is going bad?

Can anyone recommend a good wipe paper that I could order at Amazon?

Yes, I do use a tack cloth (Surgical Blue) but who knows. Also, the lack of nibs could be because of all the other things I did but I want to get a good, new paper so I don't have to worry about this.

BTW, thanks to Barry (and advice here) I got my last panel to be almost perfect. Still a little waviness but I think that is as good as SS will go. The thing is like a mirror in the sun :)

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