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    Basecoat questions

    I am a novelist and have been reading the forums quite a bit and am leaning towards motobase for my project as it seems to be a well respected product, my only issue is they don't offer the original color for my project, its a 1970 international harvester copper poly 2282 code. Tcp global says...
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    Single Stage Acrylic Urethane over Urethane Alkyed enamel

    I have a project car that was painted by the last owner with a urethane alkyed enamel (a hardener was used) over an epoxy primer. I’m going to be throwing on a very similar color of single stage acrylic urethane and was really hoping I would be alright just scuffing with 400ish grit and spraying...
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    paint booth light window, what to use?

    I'm finishing up my home made paint booth and am curious what you guys would use for the cover for the lights? I was thinking some kind of lexan or plastic but want to keep the cost down as much as possible. The openings are 49 by 25 inches so that i could fit a 24 by 48 light within and have...
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    brake fluid stained metal, how to address

    HI Guys, I'm painting a fender that had brake fluid spilled on it and left that way for a while to the point where the paint was completely eaten off, and the metal is stained from it. I hit it with 80 grit on a DA but the stains don't seem to come out. Is this something to do with the PH...