1. Toolin

    Final grits prior to next step cheat sheet

    Well before I joined, I have been searching final grits before I go on to the next step. Not being a professional or very experienced I would like to work up a cheat sheet because I tend to forget things overtime. I ask what the coarsest grits would be acceptable for a quality restoration? I...
  2. A

    Sagola 4500 extreme 1.4 lxt clear for sale

    I am selling my Sagola 4500 extreme that I have used off and on for a few years now . I bought it new to be my dedicated clear gun , which it did a great job of , but I retired it early . I guess I am just lazy but I hated cleaning the lid! And the cup isn,t that fun either . The lid has a lot...
  3. B

    re-do with same pot of basecoat questions/suggestions

    hi guys, I sprayed a car the other day, checked it with my light and it looked fine..but when I cleared the car i stumbled too close to the quarter about 4 inches from the door and put a nice run in it that drug the basecoat a little so it needs a re-do. I'm no pro, but usually what I'd do is...
  4. B

    paint booth light window, what to use?

    I'm finishing up my home made paint booth and am curious what you guys would use for the cover for the lights? I was thinking some kind of lexan or plastic but want to keep the cost down as much as possible. The openings are 49 by 25 inches so that i could fit a 24 by 48 light within and have...