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Wagon Progress

We got the wagon parts pulled out of the booth this past weekend where we had them stored during the metalshaping class.

Getting back to tying up some loose ends.. Mike cuts out the driver side of the console..

All ready for thinning the bend lines..

.....while Jake and I worked on tipping the edge on the second seat bolster..

Been in Florida the past couple weeks for the day job, got back in time for Saturday's shop day. Jake worked on the rear seat bolster, the top profile was traced from the one we made for the driver's side but this mark needs to be on the opposite side for us to tip the flange. Easy transfer is to use a punch on the line to transfer the mark's location through the panel and then trace..

....and then he used various round anvils for hammer forming the corners.

I got started on welding in the corners of the passenger console side...

This might work yet...

While Jake was tipping flanges he needed some stretch in the crowned area. Looking at the too many pieces that came out of the Erco, it's possible that Jake has too much kick. We made some new spring plates out of 1/16 stainless sheet..

Back in business...

This weekend's progress... Jake finishing up on the seat bolsters.

We don't always have the right tools to use, so on occasion we make them. This corner of the panel needed a sharper shape on the anvil

With both bolsters done and fitted to the rear seat, Jake media blasted both and hung them up in the booth where he applied some SPI Epoxy primer.

Meanwhile Mike and I worked on getting the driver's side of the console folded up..

We started by using the tipping die in the Lennox for thinning the bend lines. This both gives a sharper bend and also gives a "feel" for when the press brake's upper die is located in the proper bend location.

Here's the highly technical back stop used to set the fold distance. We have a growing collection of these starting as the dimensional requirements change..

With two sides now, a spacer was made to clamp in the middle to hold our proper width..

Seats above are all the way forward, compare front location to next picture where they have been moved back to normal location, as well as mocking up the Chevelle shifter..

Next we'll get the radius pieces added and start on the internal structures of the console.