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to skim or poly prime

so i have a LONG BED CHEVY K10 IM DOING FOR A FRIEND IVE USED SLICKSAND POLY PRIMER on my mgb restoraton and liked it pretty good but ive also skim coated before on a jeep. which is better honestly would the filler skimming be more durable than the poly primer? and it seemed like the skimming was faster for some reason. im just using it to fix dents and take the waves out these trucks were never straight from the factory.
Depends on the condition of the metal.
I shoot epoxy primer first and then lightly block sand the next day. At this point you can work the larger dents with hammer and dolly if necessary and apply filler. If there are a lot of small dents and imperfections that cover the panel, then I will shoot poly primer (basically spray on filler) and then block sand the panel with a coarse grit.