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spi intercoat with Nason base?

Discussion in 'Intercoat 2020' started by bmxpegan411, May 13, 2017.

  1. bmxpegan411

    bmxpegan411 Member

    can I spray a coat of spi intercoat over my blend panel, then throw Nason over top, or no? I usually use Nason on cheap jobs and bump up to chromabase for others, so can either of these be sprayed over spi intercoat?

    Also, would blending a solid red be challenging at all? I'm assuming since it's not metallic or anything it shouldn't be very hard at all. I plan on going from the top of the quarters down to the first body line, then adding intercoat with my red, then shooting that down past the next body line in an effort to match the freshly painted trunk that's a touch brighter than the quarters.

    Thanks for all the help!
  2. RobertW

    RobertW New Member

    I could be way off but I've done it multiple times with PPG dbc 500 and nason base with no problems and I think spi intercoat is vary similar to dbc 500 I would just make sure to use the same reducer in both
  3. crashtech

    crashtech Combo Man

    This is just my own opinion, but Nason has a clear binder that is in all their basecoats, I have used that binder by itself, reduced and activated as a colorless basecoat for blend panels and had good results, the important part being that you will know it's compatible.
  4. bmxpegan411

    bmxpegan411 Member

    thanks for the replies!

    Crash, since you've used Nason...what are your opinions on it? I've had mixed results but I think it comes down to inexperience and bad decisions on my part
  5. crashtech

    crashtech Combo Man

    It's cheap, and there are even worse basecoats, but it's never for anything nice. Cheap used cars, work truck completes, it's okay for that kind of thing.
  6. RobertW

    RobertW New Member

    I agree with crashtec that it's cheep that being said I have a nason mixing system in my shop and use a lot of it and if used properly it will do a nice job I have 5 year old paint jobs that look great now I am in nw. PA so not a lot of sun to degrade paint and I use chroma on collision work unless self pay do me a favor yada yada I had dbc and shopline plus mixing banks for 10 years and can tell nason is far superior a couple months down the road then shopline plus or that dimension garbage.

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